Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Better late than never

Right, I promised myself I would start this in January, but as is typical with me, things take much longer than I'd like. So, what better a time to start than during a weeks camping in our most favourite place ever?

We have left our beloved Maude behind, and decided to bring what was supposed to be our selling van Elsie along. I'm hooked, Elsie is just gorgeous. She has a totally different layout inside to Maude and extra perks such as a fridge that we use like a cool box, and internal lights that run from the solar panel-posh or what!!!

                            (as you can see I'm having a few problems with this layout marlarky, hey ho, at least I've got the pictures there-wee hee!!!!!!)                                               

She is just about finished inside, just needing some flooring and a few tweaks.  Outside her white has been refreshed and we now need to decide what colour she is going to be. This is never normally a problem for me, but this time I am really struggling. Do we go for our usual bright wow colours, or go more toned down? I think her shape is telling me toned down


  1. Oh how gorgeous! Please come over to my blog and link this project at my Link Party :-) I'd love it if you would.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Best wishes, Annemarie

  2. Hi Annemarie. I most certainly will whenI can work out how to??? :-)