Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Right, here goes attempt no. 2.  I tried posting from my phone yesterday as the pics I wanted were on there and I didn't know how to get them onto my laptop. Anyhoo, after my phone did that whirling downloading/uploading thing for over n1 1/2 hrs I just shut it down. I have just benn fiddling with the connection lead thingy and I really rather think I have managed to get my pics from phone to laptop-Wee Hee!!!!!!......So, here goes X (that's my fingers crossed)

After a few too many manic weeks of creating for my stall, I spent a very slow, long  weekend sat behind my wares (with as many fag breaks thrown in as I could wangle, and some hooking too). Being such a spreader I had to pay for 2 stalls, so I'm rather disappointed that I didn't manage to cover my stall costs. There never seems to be any rhyme nor reason as to why the same venue can work one time and not the next? A girl has to keep on trying though

So.....after manic, followed by slow and uneventful, both of which are really rather tiring, I spent my day off work yesterday in front of Beatrice (my trusty old french burner) catching up on Kirstie's Vintage Home, Grand Designs and George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, and hooking a cushion order. Amazing spaces holds a particular interest for me as we own 4 vintage vans, two which are rented out, and two for ourselves, take a peep at www.cutecaravans.co.uk/. Wow!!!!!, what amazing things he did with his van. I oh so loved the drop down side and swing out kitchen.

Anyway, time for a couple of stall pics (they ain't great as I took them, my trusty photo man seemed to be out of action over the weekend)

yep, both tables were mine

I seem to have an overload of cushions

and now a few pics of some of my creations during the manic weeks

tree decorations
 covered diaries

 lavender bags

 and bunting

and now I should get back to more creating, I've booked a last minute stall in my local town on Sunday
(big thanks to my lovely man for taking the above photos for me (not the stall one's I'd best add)....you can find him at http://www.petekyle.co.uk/Pete_Kyle_Photography._Commercial,_portrait_and_wedding_photography_in_Suffolk./Welcome.html

Friday, 30 November 2012

after weeks of frantic making, my stall is all set up and raring to go.Pics to follow

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Having seen Twilight this evening I have decided I definitely want to be a Vampire

Living room

How I love the low sun at this time of year. It puts such a rosy, cosy glow on everything

Now that's what I call jammy :-)

Had no more of this wool left, and was convinced there wasn't enough to finish the scarf

This winter's hat and scarf sets, as modelled by my oh so beautiful gal.

both made by me :-) (ok, I did have a little help with my gal)

£20 per set.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

....seeing as I might be getting the hang of this I'll put up some more pics. I'm thinking now I'd like to learn how to post with text inbetween pics

oooh 'eck. I just can't seem to combine the making and the blogging. I truly have been a busy gal since I was last here. So I shall attempt to put up some pics of what I have been up to. I say attempt because I really, truly do so struggle with all of this side of things, but have a go I shall. Hey, and if all goes well I may just put up some more tomorrow :-)

Wee hee!!!!!!, I think I have just learnt hoiw not to post 20 versions of the same photo, that's progress for you :-)

Friday, 5 October 2012

take one pair of bog standard Asda bootcut jeans , crop to skim the bottom of your calf , trim up (I used the free gift from Mollie Makes)....Bob's your uncle , Fanny's your aunt. A pair of winter jeans cut to show your flowery DM's and a touch of stripey sock

Hmmmm.....looks like I need to learn how to rotate my pics, and put them from my phone to laptop, rather than straight from the phone. It's all a learning curve!!!! :-)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

new toy

wee hee!!!!! I got me a new toy today. You see I have always had trouble finding somewhere to take photos of my creations, somewhere clutter free , some where the light is good. Now, I'm lucky enough time have a man who is a camera man/photographer(amongst other things) so why not get him to take my photos?  Thing is I wanted a bit of independence, so he suggested I bought a light box, and that's exactly what I did.
So..... here are a couple of pics of some creations of mine
and one of me using my new toy

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eugh!!!!!!, surrounded by hi tech stuff, not a bit of prettiness in sight, this is called being creative????? My mind has been saturated by computers, but with thanks to Pete I now have a new header for my blog. I have spent quite a few hours with hopefully an engaged expression on my face, but heck, I must have been somewhere along the line because the header exists!!!!! My input was lots of 'I want this pic', 'I want this', 'I want that', 'nope, don't like that', 'maybe we could....', but got there in the end :-)....wee hee!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Better late than never

Right, I promised myself I would start this in January, but as is typical with me, things take much longer than I'd like. So, what better a time to start than during a weeks camping in our most favourite place ever?

We have left our beloved Maude behind, and decided to bring what was supposed to be our selling van Elsie along. I'm hooked, Elsie is just gorgeous. She has a totally different layout inside to Maude and extra perks such as a fridge that we use like a cool box, and internal lights that run from the solar panel-posh or what!!!

                            (as you can see I'm having a few problems with this layout marlarky, hey ho, at least I've got the pictures there-wee hee!!!!!!)                                               

She is just about finished inside, just needing some flooring and a few tweaks.  Outside her white has been refreshed and we now need to decide what colour she is going to be. This is never normally a problem for me, but this time I am really struggling. Do we go for our usual bright wow colours, or go more toned down? I think her shape is telling me toned down