Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Right, here goes attempt no. 2.  I tried posting from my phone yesterday as the pics I wanted were on there and I didn't know how to get them onto my laptop. Anyhoo, after my phone did that whirling downloading/uploading thing for over n1 1/2 hrs I just shut it down. I have just benn fiddling with the connection lead thingy and I really rather think I have managed to get my pics from phone to laptop-Wee Hee!!!!!!......So, here goes X (that's my fingers crossed)

After a few too many manic weeks of creating for my stall, I spent a very slow, long  weekend sat behind my wares (with as many fag breaks thrown in as I could wangle, and some hooking too). Being such a spreader I had to pay for 2 stalls, so I'm rather disappointed that I didn't manage to cover my stall costs. There never seems to be any rhyme nor reason as to why the same venue can work one time and not the next? A girl has to keep on trying though

So.....after manic, followed by slow and uneventful, both of which are really rather tiring, I spent my day off work yesterday in front of Beatrice (my trusty old french burner) catching up on Kirstie's Vintage Home, Grand Designs and George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, and hooking a cushion order. Amazing spaces holds a particular interest for me as we own 4 vintage vans, two which are rented out, and two for ourselves, take a peep at www.cutecaravans.co.uk/. Wow!!!!!, what amazing things he did with his van. I oh so loved the drop down side and swing out kitchen.

Anyway, time for a couple of stall pics (they ain't great as I took them, my trusty photo man seemed to be out of action over the weekend)

yep, both tables were mine

I seem to have an overload of cushions

and now a few pics of some of my creations during the manic weeks

tree decorations
 covered diaries

 lavender bags

 and bunting

and now I should get back to more creating, I've booked a last minute stall in my local town on Sunday
(big thanks to my lovely man for taking the above photos for me (not the stall one's I'd best add)....you can find him at http://www.petekyle.co.uk/Pete_Kyle_Photography._Commercial,_portrait_and_wedding_photography_in_Suffolk./Welcome.html


  1. All looking rather lovely my dear - such a shame the buyers weren't out in force :(

    Hopefully see you Friday night - if not I'll wander down on Sunday xx

  2. thank you Vicki :-). Yeah,but there's always another time.

    If you can make it on Friday could you let me know for definite please, as I only have maybes so far, and I'm not sure how many to cater for. Cheers gal :-)xx

  3. Brilliant stalls, it's such a pity there were not more poeple there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, Do you ever sell online? I would love a hat and scarf set for my daughter!
    Regards, Suexx

    1. Hi Sue, ah, that's something I'm planning on setting up after Christmas (a sensible person maybe would have done it before Christmas :-)). All the thimgs you see on my blog are for sale, them prices are listed on my photos at http://www.facebook.com/ScarletSometimes?ref=hl.
      Is there a particular set you were after, and when do you need it by?