Saturday, 19 January 2013

A really rather belated Happy New Year!!!!!

Crikey blimey!!!!!!, over half way through January already, I'm feeling a need to put the brakes on!!!!

So far this year? Well,

every time I make a blanket my boys say "please can we have one mum?", I was kind of hoping to make them one each for Christmas, but

you all know how that one goes-TIME!!!!. By the time presents were made, stall stocked and orders completed there was a distinct lack

of time to make them one. so, with my bonus money from work I took myself down to cousin/friend Fi's shop and brabbed a ball of everything that looked 'male', took them home and asked them to pick out their colour choices. Eli went for quite a range, and Ezra went for just two colours (which screamed West Ham football strip to me), so with a bit of encouragement a few more colours were added. Balls put aside, I was already to go. I started with Eli's on Christmas day evening.  Being not my normal colours I thought I would rather struggle, but I just kind of fiddled about and soon got into the swing of things. I finished it this Monday, the quickest blanket I have ever made, but there were quite a few holiday days, so quite a bit of lazing, hooking time...and here it is :-)

rather blurred pics I'm afraid
I'm rather liking these squares
 quite a few of these squares were knocked up in our local on a gentle Sunday afternoon with a 4pt jug of Adnams next to the open fire. I say local, but it's not really, it's the pub in our camping village and the only pub I ever really go to, so in that sense it is most definitely my local. A truly lovely pub, in a gorgeous village, with lovely locals and the best campsite ever!!!!!!!
......others were done during tea breaks at work
....but I have to confess most were made at my dining table in front of the laptop. Whilst hooking I always need some other form of stimulation going on. I love watching films but get rather frustrated with loosing my hook, scissors and yarns amongst the cushions. This problem was solved by the discovery of Sky Go.....bloody brilliant, all kinds of veg out films to be had, and a table to place all my hooking necessities placed before me. I have discovered a lovely seiries called Stella, and have now got my teeth into Mad Dogs amongst others. on to Ezra's blanket. I started of with these squares, but they really did nothing for me at all
so I fiddled about and came up with these
.....the ones on the left, I also changed his choice of blue from the brighter version to a greyer blue, which I think looks loads better (he won't have a clue)
Right, that will do for now, time to get on with this blanket and try and get some stuff listed on Etsy


  1. Looking rather lovely despite not being your usual colour palette :)

    Need a chat sometimes - can you let me know which days you are about please :) xx

  2. Good to meet you as it were in bloggy world so I could see the inside of your divine caravan and your lovely blog. Admire you for making your boys blankets, never easy f the colours don't inspire you is it.The finished one is great, love your pattern.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, I love our 'Elsie', she is just one of our vans, we have 2 rentals over at,and another who has the biggest space in my heart called 'Maude', she's out the back awaiting an external overhaul. A future bog is planned on our vans, when I get around to it :-)