Saturday, 16 March 2013

ummm!!!!!, it's been well over a month since I've been on here :-(, and just as I was starting to get the hang of things. I've been making oodles of things for my stall tomorrow and I had orders for Mothers Day. I would lovem to share the pics, but if you've read my previous posts you'll know that I find the getting the pics on here bit so difficult. It takes me aaaaages!!!!!, and that time has been spent creating.

Howsomever, I do find FB so easy, so all my pics are on their....if you fancy a look and are on FB please take a wander over and have a peek

Right, time to check, price up, iron and pack my stock....then it'sm back to the dining table for more making time, and if I'm everso lucky I might find a bit of time for some hooky/sofa/viewing time

I'll try and get back properly soon????, really I will

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

......ooh, and whist I remember, a big warm welcome to my new followera, and thank you so much for dropping by and liking my rather naive little blog enough to follow it. I would have liked to thank you individually, but that's another thing I need to work out how to do. I think I'm rather needing another cup of tea session with VintageVicki so that she can share some more of her experience and knowledge with me xx


.....back again, an idea just came to me. I wonder if my Instagram photos would work better? So please bare with me whilst I experiment. day I might just get this all sussed :-)
I won't post too many as I'm only experimenting

ok, so that kind of worked I think, the photos are the right way round at least, I did manage to loose a pic and duplicate another, but hey ho :-)

right , here goes an attempt at blogging from my phone.
A few hectic days have just been had with my granddaughter,  bless her , she's as good as gold yet always on the go.  it wasnt so long ago, 10 years mind you,  that my littlest was at that age. How time flies!!!!!!  Needless to say I haven't got much creating done,  but I did manage to get some more stuff onto Etsy, worked out a quote for a pair of curtains ( its the maths that mangles my brains), sort out fabrics for a 'love birds' cushion order , oh and get a bit carried away with my new addiction.  Instagram. I love it :-). 
A peaceful half hour
As for Ezra's blanket,  that remains untouched , as does Ellie-May's, as does my new pile of fabrics that I had great plans for. I'm taking one step forward,  two back with the daisy oblong cushion cover , I just can't work out what I'm doing with this one. I'm almost at the end of my man free week and where is my pile of creations?  Still in my head, that's where :-)
I did howsomever receive a lovely parcel from across the water though today.  Wee hee!!!!!
....and Mr Wro enjoyed the sun

Ok, on edit now, that kind of worked???, not too keen on the sideways pics, or the quality of them, but I'm going to leave it on here otherwise it will never get posted. You can handle a crooked neck I'm sure :-)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Greetings, yet another week with very little blogging. I have quite a few picks that I was supposed to put on weeks ago, and the further along time goes the more I think I can't post them, but I say blow, and post them I shall. (what's with the bold type? :-)

I have just had the luxury of a weekend home alone. The boys are off with their dad and my man is filming in Sri lanka. In fact it's a male free zone untill Thursday when my boys return, so I'm home alone till then, excepting my granddaughters fortnightly stay on Monday night. Oh what plans I had for this time, I was going to do so much making. I've had plans for a new stash of fabrics, yet still they sit there awaiting my attention

I had also hoped to crack on with my youngest son's blanket, but I'm finding it rather hard going due to lack of vibrant colours and the monotony of just two square variations (sorry Ezra, I do love you dearly and will finish it).

I let them choose their own colours, but I did rather interfere by changing the style of squares from those on the left to those on the right, and by changing the blue on the edge  (it doesn't show too well on here), the one he wanted was just far too West Ham football strip with the maroon for my liking. Anyway, I'm nearly half way through it, but got distracted by the start of my granddaughters 'Whoops a Daisy blanket
which I then got distracted by making a smaller version of these for a new cushion cover

which is almost complete, but I just can't seem to get the back right, I'm now on attempt no.4
I'm going to step back a couple of weeks now, oooh, how I miss the snow. I love snow!!!!, but then again I don't/can't drive, so that may have someting to do with it.  On the first full night of snow, I waited till my boys had gone to bed, then I went out and played, and made this odd looking creature

 and took some pics whilst I was out there, ooooh, fairy lights and snow, magical!!!!!  (it appears Mr Bold has come back ?)


I have to say, I find my home looks most inviting

a summer chair looking rather lost

a couple of days later lil ol Ellie-May came for her fortnightly Monday-Tuesday, so oodles of fun was to be had with her, she had a great time building a 'Christmas Man' with Grandad. All of my kids used to moan like mad after about 10 mins of be being out in the snow because of frozen hands, but after over an hour when she was soaked and we tried to encourage her back in she just relpied "I can't, I'm busy" ooooh, I love that girl to pieces.

...and here she is, as snug as a bug when we finally coaxed her in

...and whilst all the snow was about, and the world seemed pretty devoid of any colour I was treated to a day in the Vinery at work

well, that's me done for today, night all xx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wee hee!!!!!!, I finally have some items listed on my Etsy shop, which I opened in 2009. It's taken me over 8 hours to list these few items, my word, how complicated did I find that!!!!! Sorting out postal prices, getting the listings right (I think), editing, re-editing, trying to sort out policies, not saving stuff and losing it all....the list goes on. BUT....I got there (I think), and I still have all of my hair :-) My brain is totally mangled, but that is perfectly normal for me and my relationship with technology.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

A really rather belated Happy New Year!!!!!

Crikey blimey!!!!!!, over half way through January already, I'm feeling a need to put the brakes on!!!!

So far this year? Well,

every time I make a blanket my boys say "please can we have one mum?", I was kind of hoping to make them one each for Christmas, but

you all know how that one goes-TIME!!!!. By the time presents were made, stall stocked and orders completed there was a distinct lack

of time to make them one. so, with my bonus money from work I took myself down to cousin/friend Fi's shop and brabbed a ball of everything that looked 'male', took them home and asked them to pick out their colour choices. Eli went for quite a range, and Ezra went for just two colours (which screamed West Ham football strip to me), so with a bit of encouragement a few more colours were added. Balls put aside, I was already to go. I started with Eli's on Christmas day evening.  Being not my normal colours I thought I would rather struggle, but I just kind of fiddled about and soon got into the swing of things. I finished it this Monday, the quickest blanket I have ever made, but there were quite a few holiday days, so quite a bit of lazing, hooking time...and here it is :-)

rather blurred pics I'm afraid
I'm rather liking these squares
 quite a few of these squares were knocked up in our local on a gentle Sunday afternoon with a 4pt jug of Adnams next to the open fire. I say local, but it's not really, it's the pub in our camping village and the only pub I ever really go to, so in that sense it is most definitely my local. A truly lovely pub, in a gorgeous village, with lovely locals and the best campsite ever!!!!!!!
......others were done during tea breaks at work
....but I have to confess most were made at my dining table in front of the laptop. Whilst hooking I always need some other form of stimulation going on. I love watching films but get rather frustrated with loosing my hook, scissors and yarns amongst the cushions. This problem was solved by the discovery of Sky Go.....bloody brilliant, all kinds of veg out films to be had, and a table to place all my hooking necessities placed before me. I have discovered a lovely seiries called Stella, and have now got my teeth into Mad Dogs amongst others. on to Ezra's blanket. I started of with these squares, but they really did nothing for me at all
so I fiddled about and came up with these
.....the ones on the left, I also changed his choice of blue from the brighter version to a greyer blue, which I think looks loads better (he won't have a clue)
Right, that will do for now, time to get on with this blanket and try and get some stuff listed on Etsy