Tuesday, 5 February 2013

right , here goes an attempt at blogging from my phone.
A few hectic days have just been had with my granddaughter,  bless her , she's as good as gold yet always on the go.  it wasnt so long ago, 10 years mind you,  that my littlest was at that age. How time flies!!!!!!  Needless to say I haven't got much creating done,  but I did manage to get some more stuff onto Etsy, worked out a quote for a pair of curtains ( its the maths that mangles my brains), sort out fabrics for a 'love birds' cushion order , oh and get a bit carried away with my new addiction.  Instagram. I love it :-). 
A peaceful half hour
As for Ezra's blanket,  that remains untouched , as does Ellie-May's, as does my new pile of fabrics that I had great plans for. I'm taking one step forward,  two back with the daisy oblong cushion cover , I just can't work out what I'm doing with this one. I'm almost at the end of my man free week and where is my pile of creations?  Still in my head, that's where :-)
I did howsomever receive a lovely parcel from across the water though today.  Wee hee!!!!!
....and Mr Wro enjoyed the sun

Ok, on edit now, that kind of worked???, not too keen on the sideways pics, or the quality of them, but I'm going to leave it on here otherwise it will never get posted. You can handle a crooked neck I'm sure :-)

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  1. Your granddaughter looks adorable all wrapped up in her crochet blanket! Mr Wro is a cutie too :) Lovely fabrics xx