Sunday, 3 February 2013

Greetings, yet another week with very little blogging. I have quite a few picks that I was supposed to put on weeks ago, and the further along time goes the more I think I can't post them, but I say blow, and post them I shall. (what's with the bold type? :-)

I have just had the luxury of a weekend home alone. The boys are off with their dad and my man is filming in Sri lanka. In fact it's a male free zone untill Thursday when my boys return, so I'm home alone till then, excepting my granddaughters fortnightly stay on Monday night. Oh what plans I had for this time, I was going to do so much making. I've had plans for a new stash of fabrics, yet still they sit there awaiting my attention

I had also hoped to crack on with my youngest son's blanket, but I'm finding it rather hard going due to lack of vibrant colours and the monotony of just two square variations (sorry Ezra, I do love you dearly and will finish it).

I let them choose their own colours, but I did rather interfere by changing the style of squares from those on the left to those on the right, and by changing the blue on the edge  (it doesn't show too well on here), the one he wanted was just far too West Ham football strip with the maroon for my liking. Anyway, I'm nearly half way through it, but got distracted by the start of my granddaughters 'Whoops a Daisy blanket
which I then got distracted by making a smaller version of these for a new cushion cover

which is almost complete, but I just can't seem to get the back right, I'm now on attempt no.4
I'm going to step back a couple of weeks now, oooh, how I miss the snow. I love snow!!!!, but then again I don't/can't drive, so that may have someting to do with it.  On the first full night of snow, I waited till my boys had gone to bed, then I went out and played, and made this odd looking creature

 and took some pics whilst I was out there, ooooh, fairy lights and snow, magical!!!!!  (it appears Mr Bold has come back ?)


I have to say, I find my home looks most inviting

a summer chair looking rather lost

a couple of days later lil ol Ellie-May came for her fortnightly Monday-Tuesday, so oodles of fun was to be had with her, she had a great time building a 'Christmas Man' with Grandad. All of my kids used to moan like mad after about 10 mins of be being out in the snow because of frozen hands, but after over an hour when she was soaked and we tried to encourage her back in she just relpied "I can't, I'm busy" ooooh, I love that girl to pieces.

...and here she is, as snug as a bug when we finally coaxed her in

...and whilst all the snow was about, and the world seemed pretty devoid of any colour I was treated to a day in the Vinery at work

well, that's me done for today, night all xx


  1. Working with all those plants must have been lovely when the world went black & white :)

    Love your snowman - seems your building style is similar to ours :)

  2. Hi, i have just popped over from Vintage Vicki who gave you a mention on her new post. So glad i popped over you have a sweet blog. Loved seeing your photo's of your crochet projects and of your little granddaughter playing in the snow bless her. What a lovely array of colour in those plants to i can't wait until spring really hits the garden and wakes it up with colour again. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  3. Love the blog - especially all the gorgeous crochet! Found you via Vintage Vicki.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger